Electrical Line Card

Please send all electrical inquiries to info@hmattos.com

Copper and aluminum building wire, including THHN/THWN-2, XHHW-2, USE-2 in all colors and sizes, bare CU, AL, MC cable, tray cable, NM-B, UF-B, MTW. Made in America.

EMT, GRC, Nipples, Elbows, Couplings

T&B, Steel City Boxes, Fittings, Liquidtight, Superstrut, Ocal PVC Coated Conduit, TyRaps

PVC electrical conduit, including Sch40,
Sch80 and DB120 for a variety of markets.

600v Low Voltage Dry Type Stock, Medium Voltage Dry-Type and Liquid-Filled up to 10MVA and 34.5kV and Custom Order Transformers

Nema Enclosures,
Gutter & Metering, Residential & Commercial

Flexible Electrical Conduit For Over 60 Years. The Liquatite line includes over 50 varieties

HDPE Conduit:
Comm-Line + Power-Line

Smoke Detectors, AC, Battery Powered and Carbon Monoxide

Ladder Cable Tray, Wire Basket, Fiberglass Tray

Dewalt - Power & Hand Tools Lenox - Saw Blades

Industrial, Commercial, Corrosion Resistant, Wireway & Trough, Modular Freestanding Electrical Enclosures, Small Enclosures, Racks & Rack Cabinets

Ground Rods & Fittings: Copper and Galvanized

Screws,Nuts, Anchors, Drill Bits, SawsTape, Rope,Knives

Aluminum Rigid Conduit & Fittings

MULETAPE® pulling tapes and 3 in 1 PREMISE MULETAPE®,

Electronic audible and visual signals for indoor, outdoor, and hazardous

ElectricHeat | Industrial Fans & Lights | Process Heat Ovens | Thermostats & Controls

Electrical, HVAC, Packaging and Industrial Tape