Healy Mattos has been proudly serving the electrical community, in Northern California, for over 50 years.

Company History

Healy Mattos was founded in 1963 by Edward Mattos and Clyde Healy. Twenty years later, Edward's son, Steve E. Mattos, took over the company in 1985. As the agency continued to thrive, Michael Garrigan joined him as partner in 1989.

Michael purchased the company in 2003 from Steven Mattos and is the sole owner and President of Healy Mattos. Steve's legacy continues to live on with his son, Marc Mattos, as the acting Vice President. Under the leadership of Mike, Healy Mattos has become one of the fastest growing Stocking Agents in Northern California. With a fearless team in place that encompasses the same core values in which the company was founded, the legacy and future for Healy Mattos will continue on.

Our Services

Solution Selling
We focus on solving issues and pain points by providing products and services needed to keep your projects moving without delay
Design Build
We work directly with our customers on the design and specification of products on their projects. Partnering with Healy Mattos will save you time and money with the innovation and collaboration we offer from start to finish
Project Management
We are here to support the needs of the projects and to help you achieve your goals within the given time constraints. Over services range from the following: submittals, delivery schedules, job site visits, warranties, credit approval, invoicing, and labor-saving solutions
Precisely identify products the outline the key requirements for new construction, retrofit, TI, or design build applications. This service covers all electrical and lighting needs
Our team provides professional advice, analysis, and recommendations that address the needs or underlying business problems
Technical Support
Solve customer's pain points by providing technical advice for their products and services

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