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LED 78W Area Lights

Specification Grade Area lights available in IES Type II distributions.

LED 150W Wallpacks

Ultra high output, high efficiency 150 Watt LED wallpacks. Patent Pending airflow technology.

Cyclone Barrel Pack

No special equipment needed using any industrial cart or dolly, move the .

Reel Deal

The Reel Deal converts a traditional reel setup into one pre-loaded rell.

Reel pay off

We’ve made it even easier for you to pull from anywhere with no tools! .

Cannon 6k™

Two Wire Pullers in One 3K / 6K
4 Speed dual capstan
8′ & 28′ (per min.) on low speed,

THHN/THWN-2/T90 – SSE® – 600V

SuperSlick Elite®Nylon Jacket
PVC Insulation
Compact Stranded Conductor, AA-8000 Series

Milbank Generator

Bigger isn’t always better - especially when it comes to whole-house power...

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